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About AFOO


AFOO is an American, membership-based organization that serves as the main representative body for more than 2000 dentists in United States , active in some 20 National Dental Associations  and specialist groups in the 50 States. Founded in 2017, AFOO is a pioneer in the field of modern dentistry.

As a convener of the orthodontics community, AFOO fosters exchange and develops a common vision to advance the science and practice of orthodontics. AFOO delivers innovative congresses, campaigns, and projects to address the American and global orthodontics groups and improve orthodontics community.

As the leading global advocate for orthodontics community, AFOO strives to achieve our vision of leading the nation to optimal orthodontics education by working at both the national and international level.

AFOO is committed to representing the interests of members nationally and globally to help support their  efforts to raise awareness on orthodontics. AFOO transforms this commitment into action through active engagement with our members, as well as other Orthodontics agencies, and global partners to ensure that Orthodontics is recognized as an essential component of general health and well-being.

AFOO headquarters is based in Austin, United States.

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