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The AFOO 2019-2022 strategy serves as a four-year road-map to achieve our vision of leading the nation to optimal orthodontics treatment. The strategy defines three areas of action to promote and improve orthodontics treatment nationally and worldwide.

1) Membership

We strengthen our work at every level when we have access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our members and can understand the challenges and resource gaps that they face. Regular consultation with members as well as developing activities tailored to their needs are both essential to help raise the profile of orthodontics treatment at the national level.

2) Advocacy

As the leading national and global advocate for orthodontics, AFOO amplifies the voice of the dental profession and draws attention to the national and global orthodontics disease burden. Our advocacy efforts aim to increase orthodontics treatment literacy and achieve political commitment and action on orthodontics treatment. AFOO is committed to ensuring that orthodontics treatmentis recognized as an essential element of overall health,

a fundamental right, and is included in policies addressing other noncommunicable diseases.

3) Knowledge transfer

Knowledge is power. AFOO is mighty when the orthodontics community is informed, shares best practices, participates in continuing education programs and remains well-versed in the latest developments in orthodontics education. AFOO further advances the science and practice of dentistry by convening the orthodontics community in a spirit of knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

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