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New Applicants

CE providers in the United States and Canada that wish to apply for AFOO recognition should:

  1. Review the AFOO Recognition Standards and Procedures

  2. Review the AFOO eligibility requirements to determine if the organization is eligible to apply.

  3. Download the current AFOO Standard Application Form and Instructions or request copies from staff. Obsolete application forms will not be accepted.

  4. Review the application and instructions carefully to determine whether all required documentation is available to demonstrate compliance with the 14 areas outlined in the AFOO Recognition Standards. Applications will be evaluated based on documented compliance with the eligibility criteria and Recognition Standards.

  5. Complete and submit application as directed in the application instructions by the specified deadline.

  6. Pay new application fee(2800USD).

  7. Applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed at the Commission’s next regularly scheduled meeting. Providers will be notified of the recognition decision according to the published schedule.

International providers

CE providers that are based outside the United States or Canada must meet specific eligibility criteria and complete a pre-application process before submitting an application for initial recognition. Information on the Pre-application Process for International Providers is available.

Initial Recognition
New applicants will be eligible for an Initial Recognition period of two years. If approved, providers will be eligible to apply for continued recognition at the end of the Initial Recognition term.

If recognition is granted, the provider will be supplied with the following information:

  • The effective dates of the recognition term;

  • The authorized statement that must be used to announce or publicize AFOO recognition;

  • Responsibilities and procedures for documenting participation in CE activities;

  • Procedures regarding expiration of recognition and reapplication;

  • A Decision Report outlining requirements and recommendations for improvements in the provider's CE program.

Recognition is effective the first day of the month of May or November after action is taken by the Commission. In no case will recognition be granted retroactively or prior to action taken by the Commission.

Recognition may be contingent on the submission of one or more progress reports at specified intervals. The AFOO reserves the right to reevaluate a provider at any time by surveying participants in the provider's CE activities, by reviewing activities in person, or by requiring additional information concerning the provider and/or its activities.

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