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Continuing education providers that are not currently AFOO recognized must pay a non-refundable application fee when submitting an application for recognition. Once approved, AFOO recognized providers must also pay an annual fee. No annual fee will be required in the year the provider receives initial AFOO recognition.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in 2019, AFOO recognized providers will no longer be assessed a re-application fee. To maintain recognition status providers will still be required to submit applications for continued recognition on a periodic basis and demonstrate that they continue to meet AFOO Recognition Standards. However, no re-application fee will be required. Providers must also submit an annual report and must remain current with payments of the annual fee.
Non-payment of required fees within the established deadline(s) will be viewed as a decision by the provider to voluntarily withdraw from AFOO. The provider's name will be removed from the list of AFOO recognized providers. Any provider wishing to reinstate its recognition following discontinuation for non-payment of fees will be required to submit an AFOO application and follow the established procedures for recognition.

AFOO fees are based on the operating expenses of the program.

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