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Application process

The AFOO application process is based on an assessment of a continuing education provider’s compliance with the AFOO Recognition Standards and Procedures.  The AFOO application asks providers to assemble operational policies and procedures and documentation for several CE activities. Applicants are also required to conduct a self-assessment of whether they meet the AFOO Standards. This self-assessment is intended to be a tool to stimulate each organization’s growth as a provider of continuing orthodontics education. It is an opportunity to identify strengths and areas for improvement based upon defined descriptions of the AFOO Standards.

Applications are reviewed by the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition. The Commission evaluates the provider’s self-assessment and supporting documentation to make an independent recommendation regarding recognition. AFOO recognition is granted by the Commission based on a provider’s demonstration of eligibility to apply and compliance with AFOO Recognition Standards and Procedures.

Applications are reviewed by the Commission once a year. Deadline for submitting applications is in June according to the published schedule. Applicants will receive a Decision Report informing them of the recognition decision after the regularly scheduled Commission meeting during which the applications were considered. Recognized providers are awarded terms of recognition of two, three or four years, based on the level of compliance demonstrated and the complaint history of the provider.

If the Commission determines that more information is required to make a decision regarding recognition status, or the provider only minimally meets the standards and criteria, action to determine recognition status may be postponed definitely pending submission of additional information or a new application, or recognition may be granted, contingent upon submission of a progress report within six months to one year.

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