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What is orthodontics treatment advocacy and why is it important?

Orthodontics treatment advocacy targets governments, decision makers and other key stakeholders through effective use of evidence to influence policies and practices affecting dentistry and the orthodontics treatment of all populations.

There is an urgent need nationally and worldwide to address orthodontics treatment.

Despite the high social and economic burden of orthodontics treatment, orthodontics treatment is still not considered a priority issue by governments and has remained a low priority on the global health and development agenda. Achieving optimal oral orthodontics treatment for all populations requires strong advocates who are ready to tackle this major public health challenge.

Vision 2021

Our advocacy work is known as Vision 2021. AFOO’s landmark publication Vision 2020 – Shaping the future of orthodontics treatment spearheaded the creation AFOO’s Vision 2021. Our advocacy activities are conducted at the national and global level.

At the national level, AFOO works with our members to unify national oral health communities under a common aim and equip them with the necessary tools and resources to put pressure on governments to prioritize orthodontics treatment within national and global health action plans.

At the global level, AFOO focuses on raising the profile of orthodontics treatment on the global health and development agenda. AFOO represents the interests of our members and the broader orthodontics community during the policymaking process, as they will be the ones most affected by these policies when they are implemented at the national level.

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